Taste meeting in Marseille

On 3rd, 4th and 5th April the three partners of the Taste project met in Marseille to examine and comment on the first draft of the Guide.
The first day was dedicated to comments and observations which proved to be constructive and valid for continuing the activity of drafting the Guide in the most coherent way possible as required by the project.
Once the observations resulting from the debates have been accepted, the document will have to be revised by the end of April, while the Guide must be completed by December 2023.
The second day was a small test of how a historical – food and wine itinerary, etc. should be structured. In fact, the Randonnèe du Bouches-du-Rhone organized a visit to Cornillon-Confoux, a rural municipality, and an itinerary within a park surrounding the town. The group was led by an expert local guide who guided us and illustrated some curiosities of the place such as the buildings mentioned. “Bories” , a stone architecture bearing witness to a chapter in France’s rural history; the visit of the “wall of bees” is also highly intriguing, constructions in series of stone niches designed to contain special beehives.
Finally, the last day was dedicated to completing the paperwork.

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